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Lake Hope State Park Entrance Sign © Lonnie Williams
Entrance Sign
Lake Hope State Park Lake Hope State Park © Lonnie Williams
Forest View
Lake Hope State Park Lake Hope State Park © Lonnie Williams
Lake View
Lake Hope State Park Lake Hope State Park © Lonnie Williams
Panoramic Lake View
Lake Hope State Park Lake Hope State Park © Lonnie Williams
Panoramic Swamp View
Lake Hope State Park © Jimmy DeMano
Lake Hope State Park © Eric Hoffman
Lake Hope State Park © Gene Shirk
Lake Hope State Park © Gene Shirk
Lake Hope State Park © Gene Shirk
Lake Hope State Park © Gene Shirk
Lake Hope State Park Moonville Tunnel © Victor F Artigas
Old abandoned rail tunnel near Lake Hope State Park region
Lake Hope State Park On Furnace Trail © Victor F Artigas
Lake Hope
Lake Hope State Park Lilies in the shoreline © Victor F Artigas
Lake Hope
Lake Hope State Park Lake Hope waterscape © Victor F Artigas
Lake Hope State Park © Tabitha Cullison
Behind the shelter house at Lake Hope there is a quaint spot for fishing that is acompanied by this beautiful scenery.
Lake Hope State Park © Gene Shirk
GeneralLand, acres2,983
 Water, acres120
 Nearby State Forest, acres26,824
 Nearby Wildlife Area, acres1,361
 Hiking Trail, miles11
 Picnic Shelters, #1
 Swimming Beach, feet600
 Mountain Bike Trails, miles25
 Bridle Trails, miles6
 Beach Concessionyes
 Nature Centeryes
 Nature Programsyes
BoatingBoat Rentalyes
 Boating Limits-1
 Launch Ramps, #1
CampingPrimitive, #141
 Electric Sites, #46
 Pets Permittedyes
 Rent-A-Camp Sites, #3
 Camper Cabins, #1
 Group Camp, capacity100
 Youth Group Camp, capacity100
 Rent-A-Teepee, #1
 Horsemen Campsites, #16
 Cross-Country Skiingyes
 Ice Skatingyes
 Ice Fishingyes
AccommodationsLodge Roomsyes
 Family Cottages, #66
Birdwatchers can enjoy a variety of options within this Ohio location. The park is home to over 120 species of birds, making it an ideal spot for birding enthusiasts. It features several trails that offer different habitats and landscapes where various types of birds can be spotted including warblers, woodpeckers, owls and waterfowl among others.

The Hope Furnace Trail provides opportunities to see woodland songbirds while the Peninsula trail offers views across Lake Hope which attracts numerous aquatic bird species. For those interested in nocturnal avian life, there are guided owl walks available during certain times throughout the year.

In addition to self-guided tours along these paths with binoculars or scopes at hand; visitors may also participate in organized group outings led by experienced guides who provide insights into local ornithology as well as tips on identifying individual breeds.
Biking enthusiasts can explore over 25 miles of challenging trails, suitable for all skill levels.

Be aware that these paths are shared with hikers and horseback riders.

The Hope Furnace Trail is a popular choice, spanning six miles through dense forest terrain.

For those seeking an easier ride, the Sidewinder trail offers two miles of relatively flat ground.

Mountain bikers should consider tackling the Copperhead Loop's steep inclines and sharp turns.

Always wear protective gear while biking; safety must be prioritized on these mixed-use trails.

Remember to respect nature by staying on marked routes only - it protects both you and local wildlife.

Check weather conditions before setting out as some tracks may become hazardous in adverse weather situations.

Make sure your bike is well-maintained to prevent any mishaps during your journey along these scenic routes.

Keep hydrated especially during summer months when temperatures rise significantly within this woodland area.

More than 17 miles of hiking trails traverse the lake and scenic woodlands of the Lake Hope area and offer opportunities for photography and nature study. Seventeen miles of singletrack, multi-use trail are available for mountain biking. In the adjacent state forest, a 21-mile backpack trail with primitive campsites is available. Backpackers must register upon arrival. Thirty-three miles of bridle trail are available for riders with their own mounts in the state forest.
Boats with electric motors only may be used on the 120 acre lake. Canoes and rowboats are available for rent at the beach concession, mid-May through October.
Lake Hope State Park in Ohio offers a variety of fishing opportunities for both novice and experienced anglers. The park's centerpiece, Lake Hope, is home to several species of fish including largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie and catfish.

The lake spans 120 acres providing ample space for boat or shore fishing. Boats are allowed on the water but must adhere to an electric motor only rule ensuring peaceful angling experience.

In addition to Lake Hope itself, there are also numerous streams throughout the park that offer excellent spots for smallmouth bass and rockbass fishing. These areas can be particularly rewarding during spring months when these species spawn.

Fishing at this state park requires a valid Ohio Fishing License which can be purchased online or from various retailers across the state.

For those who enjoy night-time adventures under starlit skies; bowfishing is permitted as well with certain restrictions applied such as no gas motors usage after dark etc.,

Furthermore,the Division of Wildlife stocks rainbow trout into Turkey Creek twice each year - once in early March before youth season opens up again later April/early May period making it perfect destination if you're looking forward catching some delicious dinner!

Finally,Lake Raccoon located within boundaries provides additional opportunity catch pan-sized sunfish along its banks while enjoying serene surroundings away hustle bustle city life!
A fine swimming beach is located near the dam. Facilities include a bathhouse with restrooms, showers and change booths and a concession building where food and beverages can be purchased.